Residential Additions & Renovations


We love houses! We buy them, we fix them, we build them and we sell them! We are always looking for opportunity in the residential real estate market. Both in units and bulk/portfolios.



Apartment & Mixed Use Buildings


We are great landlords! Our properties are well managed & our tenants are happy to occupy our facilities. Arkad is the owner operator of all its assets. 



Warehouse & Office Building Conversions


We are re-energizing urban communities that keep family & convinience at its core. Up & coming locations, ammenities and competitive pricing is what we  offer to a new younger generation


Professional Property Management


The future is now! Managing real property is not what it used to be and at Arkad, we have created our own successful methods, which are now offered to our clients.



Professional Capital Management


The name of the game is money! and we know how to make it, raise it, manage it and multiply it. We have been working with private equity and debt investors since its inception. 


arkadGROUP, the company..


Arkad Group Real Estate Corp. “Arkad” is a privately owned, vertically integrated group of real estate investment and developement companies created to capitalize on the rising inventory of distressed properties held by private and public financial institutions and individuals looking to liquidate their assets. Arkad and its affiliated companies are New Jersey & New York based entities that specialize in the analysis, acquisition, renovation, management & disposition of residential and commercial real estate in specific micro-markets located throughout the NJ/NY metro area.

 Our team has spent the last 8 years investing in a variety of distressed Residential “RES”, Commercial “COM” & Multi-family “MUL” assets including: Bank Owned “REO”, pre-foreclosure “Short Sales, Non-performing Notes “NPN” (both by units and bulk), Free & Clear Acquisitions and Auction House & County Sales; all with great deal of success. Above average returns, market making sales, and trend setting value-added improvements have all been accomplished by following disciplined acquisition metrics and superior investment knowledge & management. Arkad’s investment model targets assets ideal for redevelopment followed by resale exit or hold & lease strategies.


arkad|GROUP Executive Summary, 2015
1-AG Executive Summary 2014-15.pdf
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arkad|GROUP Acquisitions Criteria, 2015
2-AG Aquisition Criteria 2014-15.pdf
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